Best Online Colleges In Florida

The online colleges in Florida came into being in the year 1996, mainly when two of the premier institutes were discovered Institute for Post-secondary Distance Learning and Florida Community College Distance Learning Consortium. Through the foundation of Florida Virtual Campus (FVC) in the year 1999, online education was provided to the students of 28 colleges along with 12 universities. The K-12 students also receive good support in terms of online infrastructure, and that is being provided by the Florida Department of Education. Apart from this, the centralized library system offers access to the eBook library and electronic journal databases, online courses, and other educational services.

The facts and figures of the online enrollment for the courses in the category of post-secondary has revealed the demand and fulfillment of the academic environment of Florida online education system. A percentage of 128.8% registration is observed in the online courses.

Florida Online School

With the booming online education across Florida, the state has stepped forward in the direction of cutting the revenues of the higher educational institutes. The state appropriates has changed to – 17.5 percent, in the year 2006 as well as 2011, this has been revealed by the College Board. Unluckily, the students have to take the burden of escalated fees structure, and that has taken a rise of 69.7 percent in the last five years.

The online learning is best taught in Florida due to its commitment to the service, in secondary as well as post-secondary levels.  The data from the statistics reveal that about 40 percent of the students take up at least one online course. One can avail the academic programs from the massive 700 online streams within the state.

Are you interested to know more about the Florida online schools? then you are at the right place. In this article, you would learn more about the program offerings of the colleges and the universities in Florida. Here, you will get to know about the educational institutes in comparison with the rest in a deep way.

Top 7 Online Schools In Florida

1. Indian River State College

The IRSC provides six types of programs in bachelor stream and two in an associate degrees that are completely online. The topics at baccalaureate level include business and management, education, IT, public administration and nursing. All the courses are designed to bring in the high level of excellence in the academics. For the online learners, the resource material includes tutoring services, job bank, course advising, and assistance in financial matters for all of the incoming students.

2.Broward College

Here, the students can avail the prescribed bachelor and associate level degrees on the online platform from the Broward College.  The streams that are offered include technology management, nursing, information technology, supervision, and management. If you wish to take only the technical certificate, then you can do so ad you are having a slew of business and technological specialties.

3.University Of Florida

It is one of the best educational institutes in Florida, here one can find a gamut of online courses for the undergraduate as well as postgraduate degrees. Currently, in the category of bachelor’s degree one can avail the courses such as liberal sciences and arts, communication and journalism, life sciences and agriculture, health performance, business administration. And the students can take the 2+2 programs if they have already completed the associate degree. Apart from this, the students can opt for a wide range of courses and if desired further specialization is also included. You can take the certificates after the completion of each of the courses.

4. Adventist University Of Health Sciences

In this university, the students who have completed the general education at other postsecondary institution can also avail the degree program. The University provides medical sonography, RN to BS (Nursing) and radiologic sciences. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools recognizes all the degree programs. The academic coach is assigned to support the candidate in the academics. The residents of the Indiana, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa are ineligible to apply for all of these courses.

5. Hodges University

The University offers multiple online programs in bachelors’, masters and associate degrees. The students get the science degree after the completion of the course. Accelerated programs (UPower) will help the students who wish to complete the degree at a faster pace. In this pattern of study, the students are required to pay high cost irrespective of the courses chosen by them. There are nearly 30 offerings of the Hodges that include legal studies, marketing, management, digital design, psychology, information technology and management. A certificate program called e-litigation/ e-discovery is the certificate program of the Hodges University.

6. Florida Atlantic University

The eLearning Center if the Florida Atlantic University provides numerous degree plans and courses that are fully online that help the students who are seeking degrees at various levels. One can avail the degree programs from various colleges that include business, geosciences, education, nursing, computer science and engineering. Apart from this, the candidates can apply for the professional certificate programs. The trained faculty will help the students in learning the concepts and moreover the instructional designers will provide a helping hand all through the study as far as technical needs are concerned. The learning process can be utilized in several forms through Blackboard, interactive learning system, and more.

7. Florida International University

Streams such as childhood education, health services, communication arts, and finance are available to the candidates at Florida International University. The offerings of the University include programs such as construction management, network security, publishing, and writing. Here, the courses are crafted in such a manner that every student aspect has been kept in the mind. Where, the students can get the benefits at the commencement of the course and also during the end of the course.